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I'm reorganizing my web presence. You can still see my previous home page which hasn't changed style since 1997. I'm experimenting with WordPress, about.me, and a few others. Comments, questions, corrections, suggestions much appreciated.


Principal Scientist at Adobe, Standards, with focus on web and Internet standards. Other interests include machine learning, on-line education, social networking, virtual worlds. I've been at Adobe since 2000; AT&T Labs in 1999; Xerox PARC 1973-1999.

Internet Governance

The value of the Internet comes from the fact there is only one, with everyone (and everything) connected. Governance (regulation, legislation) is local and hierarchical: city, state, region, country, with interactions relegated to treaties, negotiation, or worse. How can anyone offer a global service and be subject to every constraint of every jurisdiction?


Metadata is data about data: for a phone call, who called whom when; for a library book, the card catalog information. There are different kinds of metadata.

Internet standards

Computers across the network from different origins and devices work with each other because everyone agrees how they should work. There's not a separate Internet for Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe. Everyone does't agree without working out differences about the future, which is why standards work is "arguing about how things should work in future".


The primary way communication happens for the Web and many other applications:


The main invention of the web: using URLs for hypertext. You'd think the standards for URLs would be simple, but this fundamental part of he web still has problems.


File Formats and Content Negotiation

Internet of Things


Other standards

Sometimes things don't work out or have more narrow applicability than expected.

Standards Organizations & Processes