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I'm a Principal Scientist at Adobe Systems. I work on standards policies and development in Adobe. I'm interested in the general area of improving network-mediated human communication, focusing oninteroperability, reliability, security. I follow trends in online education, social networking, virtual worlds, and the underlying architecture that would allow these diverse applications to interoperate well.

I've worked on a number of projects at Adobe, where I've been since 2000.

Previous work on the designer/developer workflow led to a library for managing workflow metadata for compound objects and multimedia, including temporal metadata (describing video, audio), and the management of metadata through the creative process into production and distribution. The metadata software was part of eXtensible Metadata Platform (XMP) support within Adobe Creative Suite.

Work on long-term document archiving (see paper) developed a novel prototype for spreading content among multiple service providers. Other work ranged from designer interactions with programming and software development tools, enterprise applications, forms processing.

At Xerox PARC in the '90s, I worked mainly on Web and Internet standards, document management systems, digital libraries, as well as an experimental project ("documents.com") for Internet hosted services. In the '70s and '80s, I worked on the Interlisp system (from microcode to programmer tools to the graphics environment) and the Common Lisp standard.

My background includes early work on Artificial Intelligence and software systems for it. I was Chief Scientist of Xerox Artificial Intelligence Systems. In the early 70's, I worked on the DENDRAL project at Stanford.

Standards Activities

In the W3C, I've participated both in technology development and in policy. I've helped evolve the Internet and the web through contributions and leadership in standards groups. In the Internet Engineering Task Force I mainly worked in the Applications Area, and serve on the Applications Area Directorate. Not all standards are successful, but sometimes it's hard to tell in advance.


W3C documents

These are some documents I've worked on through the W3C TAG primarily.

Internet Drafts

Not actively being developed but still of minor interesting:


These are publications of the Internet Engineering Task Force; some are "on the standards track", some are informational documents, and one is satire.

Talks & Other Publications

A sample of past presentations and other documents:

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